The Preparations

Slide1With all the knowledge we gained from the first Patriotic Pony journey, preparations are a bit smoother!  Still, hours and hours of phone calls, arranging the delivery schedule with each individual site, updating the book, or making this years rockers….there is still a lot of work.

We became quite close to some of our contacts! Hard not to when you are working with such caring people! I wish we could have a photo of our contact’s faces when we first call!  I’m pretty sure they think they are talking with a mad woman…….and with time, they come to learn they are 100% correct! hahaha

Our wonderful Gold Star mom Nancy Krestan did an amazing job adding all the new pages to the Patriotic Pony book! And the old bus and trailer received an amazing make over! They both look so cool!

Whether you helped decorate a pony, helped with the mane and tail parties, helped in the woodshop,  donated, shared our posts or sent words of encouragement and support! It is ALL of you who make this magic happen!  We couldn’t do it without you!!!

Thank you all for helping to get this second journey on the road!!!


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