Tacoma, WA

slide5Our 1st Base Presentation – Joint Base Lewis-McChord honoring Air Force Captain David Lyons. Captain Lyons was with the 21st Logistics Readiness Squadron. This gentle giant even had a ship named after him!

Manager Jodi Land, Sgt Sutton. Colonel Namini greeted and accepted the gift. We almost got to witness his first ride! Sweet little resident decided to wait until all the big people were out of th way! Precious! Hopefully the first of many, many more!

The base was a bit of a challenge, although just 15 miles away, we left 2 hours early and still we were late! Slight SNAFU at the gate….but, to us….it was a fun adventure!

Special thanks to those who stood in for the family! David’s wife Dana is active duty and not able to attend. It meant the world to us that you came! Thank you again!


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