Surprise Visit

Woke up in Kingman, AZ to a pleasant surprise and some unexpected visitors!

Sitting in the parking lot of the Flying J just off I-40, the Old Hippie opens the rv door to find a gentlemen with his two children outside.

On their way to school, they noticed the trailer, pulled in and googled Hero’s Rock. They were about to go inside to ask them to make an announcement to try and find us, when the old hippie stepped out!

From the road….they got it!!! We have been struggling to get our message out on the road. Our main goal is to bring people together to show our appreciation for our military and their families! This mornings visit is what it is all about!

Naturally, the old hippie was more than eager to show off the remaining Patriotic Ponies! They stayed about 20 minutes making the boys late for school, but dad, a veteran himself, said he would talk to the principal! hahaha!

The boys left with big smiles after posing for a picture with Angus! Always camera ready the whole trip, we were caught off guard and didn’t get a one! Rats!

Thanks guys for making our day!!!!




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