Mt. Home

slide10One day, after announcing one of the Patriotic Pony heroes, we received a phone call from a young lady who’s husband had served with the young man. Her family was being relocated, but she was interested in when and where this hero’s pony would go. They followed along on Facebook as many friends and family do.

Their relocation was no where near the Fisher House where their friend’s horse would go.  At one point, we realized they had gone right by us during their relocation from New York to Idaho.  Saddened by the missed opportunity to connect,  we would later discover our journey would again cross their path.  Traveling from Utah to Washington would take us directly through Mt. Home, Idaho.  Exactly where this young couple was now stationed! Amazing!

We are very honored and humbled to meet this wonderful family Jon & Jeanette Jackson and their 3 beautiful children! We spent a wonderful night learning more about the Patriotic Pony hero Peter Taub and others lost and injured on that fateful day. Several units sharing lunch moments before, would forever be tied by one tragic event. 

There were 5 others killed that day:   Adrianna Vorderbruggen, Joseph Lemm,  Louis Bonacasa, Michael Cinco, Chester McBride and several injured.

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The Patriotic Ponies are meant to keep the memories of our fallen alive. To have the opportunity to learn more about them and other fallen and injured heroes  means the world to us! We laughed and fought back tears as the antics and fond memories of some amazing men and women were shared! Thank you again!

Most of the profound moments on this trip were the unplanned side steps that just fell into place.  Strangers reached out to us to tell us more about their friend and unfurled an amazing chain of events.  These strangers became friends and they not only found time to help us connect with other friends of Peter Taub along the road, but were instrumental in getting us help on several other occasions!

It is such an honor to meet you!  Our own guardian angels! Thank you for your service and thank you for our freedoms! And especially, thank you for adopting two crazy old hippies!  Because of you we met so many amazing people!  You ROCK!






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