Microsoft Thank You Rally and Patriotic Painting Party!

The wonderful people of Microsoft helped by sponsoring a Patriotic Pony so, we arranged to bring one for them to decorate for the eastern tour.

Our contact Elizabeth Floyd was there to greet us, but was feeling ill and left shortly after our arrival, leaving us in the capable hands of Holly!

slide1We talked about Hero’s Rock and the Patriotic Pony Pledge and afterwards we covered them with paint, as they laid their hands of support on another rocker.

It was so nice to meet everyone and they graciously provided an amazing lunch! I would love to give a shoot out to the restaurant Café Rio, because ………..IT WAS SOOOOOOOO GOOD!

Thank you all for having us! And special thanks to Holly for stepping up in Elizabeth’s absence and to Elizabeth for making this day happen! The pony turned out adorable! Feel better… owe me a hug!

Thanks Microsoft!

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