Hero's Rock visits Bike Night at Bone Daddy's

Want to see a biker with a tear in his eye? Talk about our fallen soldiers!

The perception of bikers as the rough, tough, bone crushers….who would rather put their fist in your face rather than look at you, has lightened a bit. Some are even policemen or business men escaping the stress of the week.

We were afforded the honor of setting up our tent at Bone Daddy’s in Painesville this week for Friday Night Bike Night! A weekly event with free food and a live band. This weeks band was LoudMouth! They were soooooooo GOOD!!!!

If you have seen the Old Hippies all wooden motorcycle rocker, Chace the 13775775_650209725126247_8697493117062112990_nChopper, you probably have guessed that the Old Hippie has a fondness for bikes! The running joke is; he came home and told me he wanted a motorcycle and of course my response was, “If you want a bike, you are going to have to whittle it out of wood!” So…………..he did! hahahaha

As the beautiful bikes rolled in, you could see the drool start! Luckily, we were there for a purpose, to talk about the Patriotic Ponies and get some hand prints to decorate them.

Now, I wish I could read minds….because I’m sure there were a few furrowed brows when they saw two Old Hippies with a bunch of rocking horses??? Kids toys??? Wt…..well you know???!!! hahahaha

With little effort, we filled two rocking horses with the hand prints of bikers and band members. We told our story of our upcoming trip and mission to honor these 18 fallen heroes by delivering these custom rocking horses to Fisher Houses across the western portion of the country. Within minutes they were laughing like children and stretching out there hands to be painted red or blue or both! We all had a blast as we listened to the music and painted the ponies!

Patriotism isn’t dead, it comes in all shapes and sizes!

Thank you Bone Daddy’s for letting us get more people involved in our mission!

You guys rock! LoudMouth rocks! and BIKERS ROCK!

Thanks again for a wonderful evening!

Scott, Trish and Charlie
Hero’s Rock

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