Surprise Visit

Woke up in Kingman, AZ to a pleasant surprise and some unexpected visitors!

Sitting in the parking lot of the Flying J just off I-40, the Old Hippie opens the rv door to find a gentlemen with his two children outside.

On their way to school, they noticed the trailer, pulled in and googled […]

San Diego, CA

Up bright and early, the old hippies headed up the beautiful streets of San Diego, escorted by the California Patriot Guard to delivery the Patriotic Pony honoring PO3 Doyle W. Bollinger Jr. to the Fisher House at the San Diego Naval Medical Ctr.


As we read one of the stories of PO3 Bollinger bringing […]

Grant Medical Center - Sacramento #6

Patriotic Pony Delivery #6 – Sacramento

September 21st, 2016. On this day we delivered two Patriotic Ponies honoring Army SSG David Nowaczyk and Navy PO3 Dolye Bollinger, Jr. This presentation was unlike any so far. This time, we were part of an honors ceremony, were the base was saying thanks to all who gave of […]

We Have Angels Watching Over Us!

The Patriotic Pony mission has patiently waited its turn. From the day our first hero CW2 Christopher Thibodeau’s wife LeeSandra told us what a Fisher House was and how she wanted to “pay it forward” and wished the Fisher House at Dover could have one of our rockers, we have tried to find a way […]

Why we do what we do....

In every interview we have done, the question, “Why do you do what you do?” comes up. It seems so simple to us….because they do what they do!

Of the thousands of careers a person can choose, only a few puts your life in peril on a daily basis. Whether it is a Police, […]

Hero’s Rock “Thank You!” Tour

Can we ever say thank you enough?

The Old Hippie and I have so much to be thankful for, that we decided to take our message on tour.

We made a promise over a year ago, before our work shop collapse, to build special tribute rockers called “Patriotic Ponies” for Fisher Houses across […]

Humbled Thanks!

We are two simple people who wanted to do something to ease the pain of children losing an integral part of their lives. We had no idea what we were doing, we just knew we had to do it. It was our hope that we could bring some joy to a child who surely has […]

Apache One Takes Flight

The design is set, the wood carefully selected and work begins. We knew from the start that the process was going to be lengthy, so we decided to set up a Facebook account allowing family, friends and supporters the opportunity to check in and follow the progression.

We posted pictures daily, as the project progressed […]