Air Force SSG Peter Taub

Our second delivery on the East Coast Tour was to the family of Air Force Staff Sergeant Peter Taub. Peter had previously been nominated for our Patriotic Pony program when we realized he left behind two beautiful little girls so, we naturally added him to the list for tribute rockers. Peter was one of six […]

1st Delivery - Pittsburgh Fisher House

Our second year of Patriotic Pony deliveries started off with a first. This was the first time that a delivery was within hours from home, making it possible for a couple of local veterans to attend the presentation with us.

We left out on our journey on the day we were going to make our […]

The Preparations

With all the knowledge we gained from the first Patriotic Pony journey, preparations are a bit smoother! Still, hours and hours of phone calls, arranging the delivery schedule with each individual site, updating the book, or making this years rockers….there is still a lot of work.

We became quite close to some of our contacts! […]

Starbucks Patriotic Pony Painting Party


Thanks to the wonderful people of Streetsboro Starbucks, the Old Hippies of Hero’s Rock held a Patriotic Pony Painting Party! From suits and ties to shorts and flip flops, they came for coffee and were caught RED handed (or blue) showing support for our military and their families!

Another day of wonderful […]