Army Spc. Jordan Byrd Family Patriotic Pony Painting Party

slide312nd Patriotic Pony Painting Party of the day………………..

Tomorrow is the presentation of Army Spc. Jordan Byrd’s Patriotic Pony rocker. It is also the 6th birthday of his son, Ayden! We meet Ayden and his mom Savannah, four years ago when we delivered the Monster Medic. We have been able to watch him grow thanks to the magic of Facebook………..but, there is nothing like seeing him in person! What a sweet heart! He looks so much like his daddy!

Jordan’s family sponsored a pony also, so we brought a rocker for them to decorate! We spent the afternoon, relaxing and painting hands and feet!

We even finally got a picture of ALL (well, almost ALL) of the finished rockers together! Thanks Doug and Jodi and the gang for helping us pull them ALL out, fix their hair, rearrange them a couple of times and then…………..put them ALL back away again!

…………….There was just something about seeing them ALL together, very humbling! Just a beautiful day!


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