Breakdown or Kismet?

Crossing the country was a retirement dream and something we often talked about, but was a wistful dream. Now, here we are crossing 21 states in two months. All the preparations in the world could not prepare us for every possible event…..and believe me, the Old Hippie tried! He even had his toolbox secured in […]

Surprise Visit

Woke up in Kingman, AZ to a pleasant surprise and some unexpected visitors!

Sitting in the parking lot of the Flying J just off I-40, the Old Hippie opens the rv door to find a gentlemen with his two children outside.

On their way to school, they noticed the trailer, pulled in and googled […]

San Diego, CA

Up bright and early, the old hippies headed up the beautiful streets of San Diego, escorted by the California Patriot Guard to delivery the Patriotic Pony honoring PO3 Doyle W. Bollinger Jr. to the Fisher House at the San Diego Naval Medical Ctr.


As we read one of the stories of PO3 Bollinger bringing […]

Grant Medical Center - Sacramento #6

Patriotic Pony Delivery #6 – Sacramento

September 21st, 2016. On this day we delivered two Patriotic Ponies honoring Army SSG David Nowaczyk and Navy PO3 Dolye Bollinger, Jr. This presentation was unlike any so far. This time, we were part of an honors ceremony, were the base was saying thanks to all who gave of […]

What is a Fisher House?

Sometimes I forget, not everyone knows what a Fisher House is or does!

Fisher Houses are like Ronald McDonald Houses for military. They provide free housing for military or veterans and their families going through prolonged illnesses or injuries.

The best medicine known to mankind is LOVE! Most of us will agree that […]