Apache One Takes Flight

The design is set, the wood carefully selected and work begins. We knew from the start that the process was going to be lengthy, so we decided to set up a Facebook account allowing family, friends and supporters the opportunity to check in and follow the progression.

We posted pictures daily, as the project progressed […]

The Jorney to Hero's Rock - Part 2

Since 9/11 it seemed our country had found a renewed sense of Patriotism. People across the nation agreed with us that words simply were not enough. They too felt the urgency to be a part of something. As we approached people with our crazy idea, it was so reassuring to not only hear their words […]

It was simply a nightly routine…

Put on the news, discuss the day’s events and catch up….then suddenly we were both quiet, another soldier lost! How sad? Not another one? As the broadcast continued telling us the tragic loss of 28 year old CW2 Christopher Thibodeau, an American Apache Pilot killed in Afghanistan shortly after learning he was to become a […]