1st Patriotic Pony Presentation - Hines, Illinois

witmer_tnHero’s Rock is proud to present the Hines, Illinois Fisher House with the Patriotic Pony honoring Army Spc. Michelle Witmer, Wisconsin National Guards first female killed in Combat in Iraq on 4-9-04.

Escorted by the Illinois Patriot Guard Riders, Hero’s Rock rolled into the Hines Fisher House. The presentation of Army National Guard Spc. Michelle Witmer’s rocker was done inside the Fisher House, in the dining area with the Patriot Guard Riders standing as flag bearers. Scott choked up several times as he began to tell the story of the Patriotic Pony rocking horses and about Michelle Witmer.
Unfortunately the Witmer family were unable to attend, but the residents, staff and PGR stood in. Hines VA Hospital Intern Director Marc Magill and Holly Wright (Fisher House Manager & our contact) graciously accepted the rocker and the Heroes book and presented us with a Fisher House coin and a home made quilt in appreciation! (tears)

We all enjoyed a lovely buffet by our hosts and spent the time sharing stories. Holly told us several stories of Fisher House residents who came to know Fisher House as a home away from home. The home and staff are so warm and welcoming, it truly is a special place! Just as we were getting ready to leave, one of the residents that thought they were going home found out they were going to have to stay a while longer. Holly was right there to comfort them………so humbling! (tears)

The sun came out as we began to unload. Army SSG David Nowaczyk’s family who attended the Hines presentation, so Scott brought his rocker out so the family could see it! David’s mom Patti wrote a message on the bottom of the rocker on behalf of the family.

Everyone’s hearts melted as we watched the family look over the rocker that pays tribute to their son. The smiles say it all!

We enjoyed several more stories with the Nowaczyk family and the PG riders. Everyone left with a bigger family! As the hugs, thank you’s and hand shakes ended……….it felt so very incredible to be a part of all of this!

Thank you ALL for helping making this happen!!!! God Bless you, our military, their families and especially our Gold Star Families!

There is A LOT OF GOOD in the world! We just don’t get to see it all!

Hugs & Love

The Old Hippies of Hero’s Rock!


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