1st Delivery - Pittsburgh Fisher House

Slide1Our second year of Patriotic Pony deliveries started off with a first. This was the first time that a delivery was within hours from home, making it possible for a couple of local veterans to attend the presentation with us.

We left out on our journey on the day we were going to make our first delivery.  Preparations for these journeys are quite extensive, adding preparations for a delivery on top of it added stress which was quickly washed away when we reached the Pennsylvania state border.  Waiting at the first exit was the Patriot Guard Riders, who escorted us the entire way;  to the Pittsburgh Fisher House! There is a simple peace and pride following behind a parade of motorcycles proudly flying the American flag.

Army Spc. Alan Dikcis was the hero being honored on the Patriotic Pony we were presenting the Pittsburgh Fisher House.  From a blended family of 6 boys, Alan was not the only one to serve his country.  Three brothers served.


Unfortunately, his family was unable to attend, but we had the pleasure of  meeting  some  of them on previous journeys.  Hero’s Rock created the Treasured Chest when we read a letter from his mother of how hard the loss of Alan was on his youngest brother Robert! His family shared so many wonderful stories of Alan, but one of our favorites was his love of working on the Super Bee with his dad! As with all of our presentations, we read Alan’s page from the Patriotic Pony book of heroes which is the celebration of life stories. Stories that show the love these men and women brought into this world.  Fond memories, childhood mishaps, pranks and pure joy. As with each presentation, at the end we sign the bottom of the rocker with a promise to never forget the fallen!  The Patriot Guard riders stood in for the family and signed the bottom of Alan’s rocker.


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